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Professional, one-touch
                remote broadcast software.

SignalCaster Duet
Remote Broadcasting Package

With its dual input mic mixer that holds your iPad and interfaces with it directly, our SignalCaster Duet software and hardware bundle is ideal for situations where staff need to do "two headed" broadcasts using any combination of sports headsets, hand mics, and external line audio sources. Just slip your iPad into the rugged carrying case along with the included mixer and a couple mics, and hit the road!

Duet's compact canvas travel bag comes with three padded, zippered compartments: a large main area where you can store the mixer and other gear, a front compartment perfect to safely store your iPad, and a handy front pocket for small items.

Endless "Remote Possibilities"

SignalCaster Duet has so many great uses. Obviously, it's well-suited for sports and other live event coverage (parades, pageants, etc.), with its dual mic inputs, dual line inputs, plus monitoring jacks for two headset mics. But that same flexibility also makes it a good choice for situations like these:

  • Use a headset mic for an announcer, and a desk mic for a sit-down guest.
  • Combine a desk or headset microphone and an external audio source (such as audio from a public address mixer).
  • Set up two pressure zone (PZM) table-type microphones for transmitting a board meeting or discussion group.
  • Rig two boom-mounted mics for broadcasting a large group such as a band or choir.
  • Plug in a floor stand mic and a desk mic, for a setting where a lecturer or public official is speaking and also taking questions from the audience.
  • Pair an announcer mic with line audio from a city council room's PA mixer, allowing you to introduce and then broadcast a council meeting.
  • Narrowcast! Remember that your SignalCaster transmission doesn't have to be relayed over the air. The signal can also just be closed circuit, between the sender and the receiver.
  • Many other possibilities.
  • Set it up at a church and use it to broadcast a church service, taking a live audio feed from the church's PA mixer.

SignalCaster Duet works with Lightning-equipped iPads (versions 4 and up), like the standard iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Mini. When setting up at a remote, slide your iPad into the top of the mixer as shown, and plug in your choice of mics and/or other input sources. Now fire up the included SignalCaster software, tap the big Start button, and you're on!

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Mixer works with Lightning-equipped, standard sized
iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Mini. iPad and microphones not included.


SignalCaster Duet™

Remote Broadcasting Package

Single user license and software for SignalCaster™ plus four input iPad mixer and heavy duty travel bag.