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Professional, one-touch
                remote broadcast software.

Remote Broadcasting Software and Equipment Packages

SignalCaster Remote Broadcast Software

The days of hefting expensive, complicated gear to a remote broadcast site, spending an eternity setting up, and sending back muddy, disappointing audio are over. Our breakthrough SignalCaster packages let you stroll into virtually any environment, carrying your entire remote kit in one hand, set up in minutes, and go live with a clear, broadcast-quality signal. No trunkful of equipment, cables, or duct tape required...

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SignalCaster Solo Remote Package

Along with the SignalCaster remote software mentioned above, SignalCaster Solo includes a handsome, broadcast quality desk mic with built-in stand, our favorite non-slip kickstand to safely hold your iPad, a special USB adapter, and a rugged, padded carrying case that will safely stow the Solo gear, your iPad, and more...small enough to carry in one hand...

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SignalCaster Duet

Along with the SignalCaster software mentioned above, Duet includes an ingeniously-designed mixer that holds connects to your iPad. Use it with two balanced microphones you supply, either handhelds or sports mics, or a combination of mics and line audio. There are also two quarter inch monitoring jacks on the mixer. Also in the package is a rugged, padded carrying case that will safely transport the mixer, your iPad, and more, small enough to carry in one hand...

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