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SignalCaster Frequently Asked Questions

"How is the sound quality?"

SignalCaster captures your broadcast audio at recording-studio-quality sampling rates, then converts and transmits your signal at a bitrate high enough to assure broadcast-quality sound, without over-taxing the occasionally shaky wi-fi or cellular connection. Listen to an example.

"How much 'lag' is there?"

The length of "buffering delay" is between one and two seconds, never more. That means you can interact reliably with your programming back at the radio station.

"What hardware and operating systems will SignalCaster run on"

For SignalCaster Tower we recommend Windows 10, though you should be able to install and use Tower on versions as far back as Windows 8. For the iPad, we recommend IOS 10, which is an available upgrade for most-all the iPads we support (which all have the Lightning-style connector).

"What are the bandwidth and speed requirements?"

We have chosen our broadcast bitrate to balance audio quality against "worst case scenario" Internet conditions. Unless you have a really poor connection or extremely limited service, you should be able to send back a consistent, clean signal using a typical wi-fi or cellular data connection.

"How is technical support handled?"

Our system is simple to set up and use. If you look through the instructions, odds are you won't require much assistance. However if you do need us, rest assured we love to help. Every SignalCaster purchase includes a free telephone support call and free, ongoing e-mail support. See our support page for complete details.

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